Xanthium is the Affluence Apollyon of an as of yet unnamed Amalgam.

Xanthium has problems with listening to others, paying attention, working hard, or anything that isn't consuming or lounging in luxury. Ver opinion of what that is changes rapidly, from a gorgeous palace to a cave filled with food. Ve enjoys such activities as money, having money, collecting money, and rarely sharing money.

Despite these less impressive traits, ve is also very curious and affectionate when ver interest is peaked. Ve is very easy to peak the interest of, and will easily engage verself in other's problems or lives.

Abilities and Domain Edit

Despite the length of Xanthium's life, ver powers are still not very well-explored. Due to ver indolent lifestyle, which involves mostly lounging in ver domain, ver contentedness lead to an extreme lack of experimentation.

As it is, Xanthium's abilities seem to include minor transmutation, turning things into gold, mostly including precious metals and jewels but sometimes even so far as food or clothing to trade. It was originally believed that this ability could only affect within a certain range, but actually is activated through shed hairs, which make contact with the item to be changed, and seem to be made of a similar material to that which the item is transmuted to.

When engaged in combat, Xanthium prefers to barter or outwit ver way out of the situation, but will fight if pushed. Ve uses ver high speed, small size, and transmutation abilities to trap, destroy, or otherwise drive off the threat.

Ver domain consists of a seemingly unending series of hallways and rooms decorated in a very palace-like manner. Styles vary from French Baroque to modern mansions.

Appearance Edit

Xanthium has the skull of a common housecat (Felis catus), with the associated and pupil colour of a bright cobalt yellow. The rest of ver body seems to vaguely resemble a mix between a three-toed sloth (Bradypus variegatus) and a Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii). Ver pelt is unusually soft, though often smells of moss and rotten food.

Preferred transformations include that of mortal royalty, Persian housecats, white tiger, and various dragons.

Trivia Edit

  • Xanthium was created by tumblr user magalamantle.
  • Ver musical motif is best described as "classical orchestral music but with airhorns".