Locust is the Rot Apollyon, who resides within the Andromalius Amalgam. Brought into being less than a century ago, Locust has a considerable lack of control over his element. This lack of control usually manifests itself as the rapid decay and subsequent reformation of any fraction of his body mass.

He is best described as a trickster demon, and is extremely interested in the goings on of the mortal beings who already wish to summon him. This interest sometimes manifests in terrible ways, entire mortal settlements falling to a sudden wave of blight that rots the wood beams supporting their homes and spoils the food sitting heavily in their stomachs. This sort of outcome, while not initially intended by Locust upon setting out to interact with mortals, has always elicited a bit of amusement from the young Apollyon.

He has a habit of making normally serious matters into games, irritating those who would rather do something better with their time than tolerate a hireling demigod.

Abilities Edit

Locust has control over the force of decay in organic and inorganic matter, simulating the wear of time and natural forces on anything he chooses. He is still learning how to completely control his abilities, causing his usage of them to be chaotic and unpredictable, sometimes even unintentionally causing harm to himself with them.