Jessamine is the apollyon of honey. Xe take the form of a hunched reptile with back ridges, shaggy black and gray fur, and a thick, paddle-like tail. Jessamine can be excessive xir pleasures, and will be lost for days while pursuing them. Sometimes this means composing epics that will only be discarded in the weeks to come, and sometimes it means a weeklong diversion as xe sates xemself with mood-altering substances. Aside from xir hedonism, xe is fiercely loyal and loves sharing xir excess with allies and friends. 

Domain Edit

Xe spends most of xir time hidden away in their domain, a pocket dimension of towering beehives and hexagonal causeways. Honey ponds and beeswax peatmoss cut deep ravines through a landscape of towering wax cliffs, and mead trickles in rivers throughout. The denizens of this dimension range from honey-slimes to various pollinator species, including bees, bats, and hummingbirds. 

Abilities Edit

Jessamine can secrete honey from xir body. Often this honey has psychedelic properties; xe can control the strength and effects by varying the amount of toxins in the substance, or the level of fermentation. Xe is physically strong - able to swim through viscous pools of honey like it was water. Finally, Jessamine can also create small force fields, and uses them mostly to keep xir fur dry.

Trivia Edit


Jessamine's personal glyph, a recurring motif, signature, and branding mark used by xem.

  • Jessamine's creator is wundermoth.
  • Gelsemium sempervirens, xir namesake, is a popular ornamental plant. It is possible to become ill from eating honey made from it's nectar, and it can be toxic to honeybees.