Ivy is the oldest Apollyon known and is namesaked from Poison sumacs and is also known as "Mr. Mistake."

Ivy is a bit of a trickster and acts ambiguously. Can be unpredictable as one moment to another they can quickly shift from a goofy nature to a more serious attitude. Acts coldly to those they are not close to, however they are very protective and caring of Hemlock, Bean, and Rhubarb.

Appearance Edit

Ivy stands at 6'10" with a the skull of a hyena and long neck that holds it. Between the skull and neck there is a hologram-like bright neon red circle with 8 large arrows sticking out of it, they slowly rotate clockwise. Their small pointed ears are made of a sludge material that drips, which has left stains on Ivy's skull in the general area that they're located on.

Their fur is overall a reddish light brown. Their paws are a dark brown along with the tip of their tail.

Facts Edit

Owned by EmoKiddio

Ivy was originally created for and based off the song "Falling Down" by Atreyu.

The arrows surround Ivy's neck can rotate faster depending on Ivy's mood. It is known to rotate at fast speeds when Ivy is angered, frustrated and flustered.