Hemlock Andromalius is the Void Apollyon, who resides within the Andromalius Amalgam. Hemlock was created several hundred years ago, and has a decent enough grip over their element considering how long they've lived for.

Hemlock overall is just kind of a jerk. They really only care about the individuals within their Amalgam, and not much else. They don't see reality as a thing that could be sustained, and in essence they attempt to destroy order wherever they see it. Usually this culminates in the deaths of billions.

They also seem to think that "void" also includes everything that it encompasses, which is everything. Obviously, this is untrue.

Biography Edit

Hemlock was spawned many many years ago in a supervoid between galaxy superclusters, and was promptly brought into the Andromalius amalgam by a Distributor. From here, they entered into relationships with Heap, Siffredi, Hogweed and Rhubarb, and became good friends with the rest of their Amalgamates.

Their very best friend is Dendron.

Abilities Edit

Hemlock has control over "void", and could create "void" from matter around them. This void is literally what it is. Absolutely nothing. This void could be used to shift around matter and tear it apart, but such attacks are very very energy intensive.

Hemlock's body could also function as a portal into their own domain, which is mostly void, aside from a single floating island in the center inhabited by their minions.

Doppler Redshift Edit

This ability involves minor "telekinesis". It would cause bullets to misfire, or would create a small "forcefield" around themselves.

Domain Edit

Hemlock's domain is a universe of pure void, with only a floating island at its exact center. Objects could be created and destroyed by Hemlock within this domain, and the only constant is the floating island, about 10x10 miles.

The primary minions within Hemlock's domain are strange floating 3D shapes that whisper and ripple across their surface. They speak of prophecy, sometimes.

Trivia Edit

  • Owned by tumblr user kingmonster.
  • Hemlock is the very first Apollyon, followed shortly by Heap and Siffredi.
  • Hemlock's musical motif genre is Glitchcore.