Dendron is the Earth Apollyon within the Andromalius amalgam.

General information Edit

Dendron is a small Apollyon, only reaching 3'4" in size, making him one of the smallest Apollyon, if not the smallest. His head is a cassowary skull, and his body is covered in vines and leaves. One interesting thing to note about Dendron is that he is completely detached from reality. Dendron is aloof nearly all of the time, but is generally tame in attitude. Unpredictable, he engages in many silly shenanigans, both good and bad. While he is very unusual in behavior, Dendron is also known to be serious depending on the situation, though this is rare. He also loves to hoard random sticks and rocks, often building random things out of them (leave his cache of those items alone or he will kick you really hard. You don't want that).

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Dendron's origins aside from joining the Andromalius amalgam via a Distributor. He is not in any kind of relationship, but remains friends with those in his amalgam, especially Hemlock, who is his best friend. While chaotic in nature, Dendron will eagerly defend himself and/or his friends when in danger. You know you've screwed up when you've angered Dendron of all Apollyon.

Abilities Edit

  • With Earth as his element, Dendron is capable of manipulating the ground and natural objects, though only does this to defend himself. Also, given his unusual demeanor, it is an absolute miracle that all hell has not broken loose with this powerful ability.
  • Dendron is really strong. However, this is balanced out by his small frame and light weight. As a result, he is a glass cannon, meaning he can be knocked around with ease when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Dendron can deliver near-fatal kicks with his legs to victims that provoke him into attacking, thankfully no incidents of this occuring yet.

Domain Edit

Dendron's domain consists of a universe lush with trees, plants, and rocks; some rocks floating aimlessly about. Minions in his domain consist of creatures that resemble capybaras and rabbits in shape.

Trivia Edit

  • Dendron's musical motif is jazz fusion.