Amalgams are close-relation organization units for Apollyon, although the concept of a "family" is not one found in Apollyon culture. Amalgams are usually 5-25 strong, and the names of Apollyon within the same Amalgam are named after a central theme.

Considering the fact Apollyon have no concept of a family, all Apollyon within an Amalgam could be seen as potential mates to one within it. The Amalgam is NOT a familial model, and Apollyon within the same Amalgam are not related genetically, or in any other way.

The original member of the Amalgam is usually seen as a guardian or parental figure to the rest of the Apollyon in the Amalgam, although the other Apollyon within an Amalgam are usually from the same "generation".

Formation Edit

Amalgams start with a single Apollyon, who have an extraordinarily small chance to be picked to start their own Amalgam upon spawning and getting picked up by a Distributor.